BeLT Productions presents:

Very Still And Hard
To See

by Steve Yockey

Mon 12th ~ Sat 24th August 2013 at 4.00pm (70 minutes)

Greenside Theatre
1B Royal Terrace
Edinburgh EH7 5AB
Tel: 0131 557 2124

Greenside website

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1/7: Pauline Armour & Julie Binysh

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2/7: Julie Binysh & Stevie Hughes

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3/7: Debbie Griffiths

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4/7: Fiona Cullen

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5/7: Josh Lawson

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6/7: Paul Baker & Alison Green

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7/7: David Griffiths

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BeLT presents: Very Still And Hard To See

A chilling Faustian pact unleashes a macabre series of horrific encounters when ancient Japanese spirits infect a modern American hotel. Very dark, very funny, very scary and very hard to forget!

BeLT: Director Dan Armour
Director Dan Armour

Very Still And Hard To See is a brand new piece of writing by Los Angeles-based Steve Yockey and has only been previously staged in California last year (2012). BeLT Productions of Bromley, south-east London proudly gave it its European premiere in January and they now bring this mind-bending piece of theatre to Edinburgh 2013!

The LA Review said: "Very Still and Hard to See is an eerie excursion into the surreal and the supernatural, combining elements from modern ghost stories and Japanese folk tales and centered on events in and around a very strange hotel."

BeLT Productions will be performing this astonishing show from 12 - 24 August 2013 in the 50 seat studio venue at the Greenside Theatre in Edinburgh (during 2012, the Greenside hosted 28 theatre productions at its three venues over the course of the Festival period). Greenside website

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Demons are forever!

European premiere by acclaimed US playwright Steve Yockey. Japanese folk horror meets American Gothic. A Faustian pact between a hotel’s architect and a mysterious woman unleashes a horde of ancient Japanese demons upon unsuspecting modern America in a series of macabre, darkly comic and strangely linked episodes, including an elevator ride to hell, a very satisfying blind date, and the misuse of cleaning products and crockery. An exhilarating, horrific, visceral journey, warning us that sometimes bad things happen for a reason  Very dark, very funny, very scary and very hard to forget.

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